Sapores Antigos

Sapores Antigos is a concentrate of passion, that of Maria Busia, grown wrapped in those traditions to which all the families of her small village, Fonni, were linked and that time has not been able to tarnish.

This love for bread, pasta and desserts brought her first to the realization of a workshop of typical Sardinian artisan products. Given the many requests of customers, in 2015, she opened the cafeteria, furnished with care and equipped with a terrace, where it is possible to taste the delicacies on offer.

The product that made this activity famous is certainly the “pane vressa”, better known as the carasau bread, made with the original recipe of Fonni, which is also prepared in guttiau and whole wheat version.

Pasta lovers can buy on order the tasty culurgiones, the Sardinian pasta stuffed with potatoes, cheese and mint, and the ravioli stuffed with cheese and those filled with ricotta.

In her workshop, Maria also produces delicious desserts such as papassini, honey flavored tiricche, wine must flavored tiricche, amaretti biscuits and other biscuits typical of the Sardinian culinary tradition.

Our guests can take advantage of a convention for breakfast and a 10% discount on the purchase of any product from the boutique café.

Sapores Antigos is waiting to amaze you!