Formaggi Demelas

The Demelas family, originally from Fonni, has always produced high quality cheeses, obtained with traditional processing, raw milk and semi-cooked pasta, with the use of a copper pot that can preserve the aromas and flavors of the past. One of their main products is the semi-cooked pecorino, from the first salt to the more seasoned one (12 months), obtained from freshly milked milk which is filtered, heated to 36 ° C and to which rennet is added in order to reach the formation of curd. Once obtained, we proceed with breaking and cooking 42-45 ° C, to then be poured into the molds and drained. The cycle ends with salting in brine, followed by seasoning. Another well-known product is ricotta, obtained from serum heated to about 80 ° C. For cheese lovers, a visit to the Demelas Family is a must!