Biscottificio Demelas

Biscottificio Demelas is a traditional Sardinian pastry and fresh pasta workshop founded in 1981 in the small village of Pozzo San Nicola and it has been a point of reference for its customers and for the many tourists for over 40 years.

The production chain is treated with care, from the selection of ingredients, up to the retail through a process that preserves the organoleptic properties of the raw materials used.

The need to keep up to date and experiment, with a view to continuous improvement, is coupled with the firm will to preserve tradition and that is why amaretti, papassini, ricottelle, formaggelle, bianchini, ciambelline, aranzada, almond gateau and all other products are made according to historical recipes handed down by the owner’s aunt, Anna.

One of the most popular products of Biscottificio Demelas is certainly the tumbarella, a typical stintinese dessert, revisited by the company. It is a sweet fried stuffed with ricotta, walnuts and orange peel, not to be confused with the classic seadas, with cheese and lemon filling.

Fresh pasta is another strong point of Biscottificio Demelas. In fact, they produce the well-known malloreddos (Sardinian gnocchetti), ricotta or cheese ravioli and Culurgiones. Cheese and ricotta are processed in the laboratory by the expert hands of pastry chefs, who also create excellent cakes for graduations, birthdays and ceremonies. On reservation it is possible to request the catering of savory products.

Freshly prepared and baked products can be purchased in the shop adjacent to the laboratory and can be enjoyed sitting comfortably on the veranda, accompanied by a good coffee.

The biscuit factory boasts numerous awards and prizes including the Oscar ”Cibo di Strada 2015”, the first place at the ”Sardinia Food Awars 2016”, the first place at the ”Sardinia Food Awards 2017” and the first place at the “1st Regional Competition of Amaretto 2018”, on the occasion of which the certificate of excellence was received.

Biscottificio Demelas pastry chefs and staff are always waiting for you with a big smile, ready to let you discover the traditions and the goodness that characterize their products.