Asinara Island Excursions


17 August 2017

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Asinara Island Excursions

Thanks to a few archeological sites on the Island, we can now date the human presence around IV millenium B.C.

In 1885, King Vittorio Emanuele II established a sanatorium and a penal colony on the Island, reason why the 45 families living in Cala d’Oliva were forced to leave Asinara. King Vittorio Emanuele II allowed them to colonize the first land out the Island, and that was how Stintino was born.

Between 1915 and 1916 roughly 23,000 Austro-Hungarian prisoners were brought to the Island, making Asinara become the biggest prison camp in Italy during the WWI. Despite the losses due to hunger and illness, more than half of them were saved.

Asinara has been also what you can call home for the two italian judges Falcone and Borsellino who, during the big anti-mafia trial, found a calm and safe place where they had the chance to change history.


Thanks to its conformation and geographical position, the Island has a wide variety of species for both plants and animals, such as the famous white donkey, Sardinian wild boar, wild horses and mouflons.

Through the paths of Asinara you can discover also CRAMA (Asinara sea animal rescue centre) and Centro Studi Fauna which hosts ornithologists, scientists and vets who study and research wildlife in order to plan conservation strategies.

On the Island there is also a small pharmaceutical lab, FarmAsinara, that realizes cosmetics products using Sardinian plants.


Wether if you love history or wilde nature, Asinara’s Island can give you unforgettable moments and beautiful memories.

You have so many choices to explore the Island:

• 4X4 off road vehicle
• Trekking
• Cycling
• Electric cars
• Horse riding


Whatever you choose, here you have 4 useful tips to live your experience at the best:

• Drink often to hydrate your body
• Use sun protection and a hat in hot days
• Avoid leaving garbage
• Respect animals, they are wild species, don’t forget it!